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Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Secrets Getting Out

From the moment she stepped into the White House as first daughter, Chelsea Clinton's personal life has been kept private. But now that she's all grown up and a more public figure, people want to know her plans.

Her nuptial plans, that is.

It's thought she'll be walking down the aisle at the end of the month in an estate some 90 miles north of New York City, in the tiny town of Rhinebeck.

Chelsea Clinton
Power Weddings

Clinton is seven months engaged to longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky, and their wedding is said to be the social event of the summer. The Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding is sure to be full of celebrity sightings.

Where will all these stars be? No one knows for sure, but according to Jim Langan, executive editor of the Hudson Valley News, the event will take place on July 31, at Astor Court.

Langan went into detail about the parade of limousines and black cars that will surely be arriving shortly.

But even he can't know for sure if these supposed plans are the real deal.

"I will know for certain on July 31, like everyone else," said Langan. "But if this is a camouflage or a head fake, it's the best-kept secret since the Manhattan Project!"

Rhinebeck's residents certainly think it's happening in their town, and can't stop talking about it, and the slowly-emerging apparent details about the big event, reports CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller:

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