Chelsea Clinton Visits U. Mississippi Ahead Of Primary

This story was written by Tyler Clemons, Daily Mississippian
Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), answered questions about her mother's campaign and policy issues in front of a large crowd on the steps of the Student Union Monday morning.

Clinton answered questions on issues ranging from her mother's universal healthcare plan to immigration reform, including education, crime prevention, alternative energy sources and the war in Iraq.

"I believe that there are differences in policy and in experience that matter in this election, and I would like to talk to you about those today," Clinton said.

In response to a question about whether her mother could unify the nation, Clinton praised her mother's willingness to reach across party boundaries but defended her stand on issues such as universal healthcare.

"That's what I want in my president: I want somebody who can reach across party lines when able but also someone who will stand up for what's right when necessary," she said.

Clinton also referred to her mother's universal healthcare plan as "the right thing to do -- both morally and economically" and stated that her mother is endorsed by more generals and admirals than any other presidential candidate.

"I passionately believe that my mother would be the best president, and I passionately believe that she will be the most electable Democrat in November," Clinton said.

College Democrat Jake McGraw, a sophomore public policy major, said he felt Clinton's answers swayed some voters in the crowd.

"It's obvious she (Clinton) gets her knowledge from her mother and her personal charm from her father. I think she convinced some people to vote for her mom just because of her," McGraw said.

McGraw, who introduced Clinton, told the audience he already voted for Sen. Clinton by absentee ballot.

Freshman exercise science major Jeremy Locke, who described himself as skeptical of Sen.

Clinton's campaign, said he remained unconvinced.

"Most of the things I heard were good ideas, but they were just that: ideas," Locke said. "There's no 'how' - no backing," he said.

Sarah Dickey, a sophomore English major from Water Valley, described Clinton as articulate.

"I like what she had to say," Dickey said. "I hadn't formed my opinion before today, but I think now I have.

Clinton spoke at Ole Miss as part of her "HillBlazers" tour to universities across the U.S. to support her mother's campaign.

Mississippi's primary is Tuesday.
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