No relief for crews battling destructive wildfires

Wildfires continue to devour homes across the western U.S. One of the largest is the the Chelan Complex Fire in Washington state, which has burned 88 square miles and dozens of homes.

Nearly 80 wildfires are burning in eight states and there's no relief in sight for crews facing another long, hot day, reports CBS News' Danielle Nottingham.

Firefighters released video showing the ferocity of the Chelan fire hours after it was sparked by a lightning strike Friday. At least 40 homes have been destroyed and that number is expected to rise as officials survey additional areas still too dangerous to explore.

About 1,000 firefighters are working to keep the flames from spreading, but they are spread thin themselves. The Washington National Guard joined local fire crews Sunday night, but for some homeowners, it was too late.

For the first time since 2006, the Pentagon has approved a request to provide active duty soldiers to assist in the firefighting. Some 200 soldiers will be deployed this weekend.

"Pretty tough deal, you know: You leave knowing that it's probably not going to be there when you come home," one homeowner said.

Chelan High School teacher Rod Cool lost his home of 14 years.

"All the kids I've had and all my friends that were firemen, every one of them tried to come down here and put this out, but they couldn't get here," Cool said. "The power lines came down, the smoke was too thick; they all tried."

The conditions are so extreme across the West, some fires are creating their own weather, including a fire whirl in Idaho that sent flames shooting 100 feet into the air.

There are so many wildfires, every available crew, engine and aircraft is now committed to a fire, and the drought is expected to fuel more fires for months to come.

"We are fighting on three fronts, basically: the Northwest, the Northern Rockies, Northern California. All are stretched thin enough to where we're calling for lots and lots of help," Chelan Fire Information Officer Wayne Patterson said.