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Cheetah cub and puppy playing at the Cincinnati Zoo

(CBS News) With a lot of very sad and significant things happening in the world today, I'd like to provide a moment of levity for any who might need it (myself included). And nothing quite says a moment of levity more than a cheetah cub and puppy playing at the zoo. Take a look.

The adorable video was posted by the Cincinnati Zoo who write about the caught-on-tape moment:

Savanna, the cheetah cub and Max, her new puppy playmate have some fun in the small yard at the Zoo's Cheetah Encounter. The two will grow up together as Max provides a fun play partner. Dogs and cheetahs are very similar, the two will bond and as the two of them grow up they will be friends. The Zoo has several pairs of cheetahs and dogs.

Honestly, I think just about everyone can use a video like this from time to time to remind us that there are a lot of beautiful things in this world worth smiling about. Major thanks go out to the Cincinnati Zoo for sharing this cute and fun video with us at The Feed and the rest of the world!
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