"Cheers" cast reunites 30 years after premiere

(CBS News) The cast of "Cheers" got together this past weekend in Beverly Hills for an anniversary dinner, 30 years after the series went on the air on Sept. 30, 1982 on NBC.

"Cheers" ended after 11 seasons. Forty million viewers tuned in for the final episode in 1993. And, it seems everybody still knows their names: Sam, played by Ted Danson, Diane (Shelley Long), Rebecca (Kirstie Alley), Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth), Cliff (John Ratzenberger), Carla (Rhea Perlman), and, of course, Norm (George Wendt).

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Over its long run, the show earned 28 Emmys, four of them for Best Comedy. By the end of its run, an amazing 26 million viewers were still tuning in.

Ted Danson told "Entertainment Tonight" at the reunion, "It's bizarre to be together, and totally natural at the same time. (It's) right where we left off."

Watch Nancy O'Dell's "Entertainment Tonight" report, featured on "CBS This Morning," in the video above.

You can watch more from the reunion on "Entertainment Tonight" this week. Check your local listings.