Check out this video of a thing making another thing do things

(CBS News) I have a feeling you're scratching your head and curious about the headline, right?  Well it is totally legitimate, I promise. We are going to focus this post on a video of a thing making another thing do a thing.  But if you really need specifics, then fine: it's a tea kettle with a flute attached to it... can you imagine where this might be going?  Sure you can.

The very creative video entitled "Musical Kettle" was posted by Vimeo user Yuri Suzuki who writes:

I wanted to contribute to the design of daily domestic noises. alarms, mobile phones, a doorbell; he is of the opinion that not enough thought has been given to the noises they produce. The musical kettle is a part of series 're-design soundscape'. As the kettle boils it whistles your favorite tune.
I didn't realize until I watched, but this is what I've been looking for to make my kitchen perfect. Seriously. This. Okay, not exactly this, as it's obviously still in the early stages, but I can totally imagine a symphony of sound being created by pots, pans and other kitchen utensils while cooking in the kitchen like something out of a Disney movie.  And I like what I see.  And for that, we here at The Feed applaud your vision and genius, Yuri Suzuki!