Check out this rock medley honoring video games

(CBS News) All of us here at The Feed are gamers and enjoy music. Which explains why we are simply compelled to put this video up of a music medley of video games that will have you waxing nostalgic. Take a look and listen.

The YouTube video entitled "The Video Game Rock Medley" was done by FreddeGredde who writes:

34 tracks from some of the most famous video games in one fluid rock medley! I'm honestly very happy with how this one turned out, and I hope that you will like it too! It doesn't have vocals and very little acoustic guitar though, so I know that some will be disappointed, but, can't please everyone!

Too true on that last sentiment, but know that all of us here at The Feed were very happy with your rendition and would like to honor you with a big triple-rainbow salute!  To check out more work by FreddeGredde, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.