Check out some "Olympic trick shots" with Dude Perfect

(CBS News) It seems trick shot team Dude Perfect is expanding their pool of talent with a few noticeable faces. Have you happened to hear about this little thing called the Olympics? Yeah? Well, check out some athletes who will be competing get their trick shots on in the above video.

What a very fun and welcome way to get ready for the upcoming Olympics! The video features such athletes as Sean Melton, Dennis Bowsher, Giddeon Massie, Joshua Dixon and many, many more Olympians and Paralympians incorporating their field of talent into the art of the trick shot at the USOC Training Center.

Dude Perfect has been featured here on The Feed many times in the past, and with videos like this will continue to be featured many more times in the future. Just a really great job, guys!  To check out more work from Dude Perfect, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.