Check out "Golden Brown" performed with a mariachi band

(CBS News) I could use some music right now, could you use some, too? Sure you could. How does something classic performed in a whole new way sound? Maybe something like The Stranglers' 1981 hit "Golden Brown" performed with - wait for it - a mariachi band.  Take a listen.

I'm beginning to think just about anything under the sun becomes just a little bit better with a mariachi band.  The sweet new rendition of the song was posted by Mariachi Mexteca who writes:

Salvador Jimenez Hernandez and the Mariachi Mexteca band perform "Golden Brown" remake with Hugh Cornwell.

I absolutely loved it! Did you love it, too?  And for those who are curious, Hugh Cornwell is actually the original singer of the song during his time with The Stranglers, which really gives this rendition both a contemporary and classic feel with a serious dash of cool, in this blogger's humble opinion.  To check out more music from Mariachi Mexteca, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.