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Check out a cheetah running in super slow-motion

(CBS News) The day is slowly but surely coming to an end, and as night settles in, now seems like the perfect moment for something soothing and contemplative. And what could say soothing and contemplative better than watching a cheetah running in super slow-motion? Nothing, that's what.

The simply stunning video entitled "Cheetahs on the Edge" was posted by Vimeo user Gregory Wilson who writes about the work:

Cheetahs are the fastest runners on the planet. Combining the resources of National Geographic and the Cincinnati Zoo, and drawing on the skills of a Hollywood action movie crew, we documented these amazing cats in a way that's never been done before.

Using a Phantom camera filming at 1200 frames per second while zooming beside a sprinting cheetah, the team captured every nuance of the cat's movement as it reached top speeds of 60+ miles per hour.

The extraordinary footage that follows is a compilation of multiple runs by five cheetahs during three days of filming.

This work has without a doubt earned Gregory a big triple-rainbow salute of wonder and awe from us here at The Feed! If you'd like to learn more about the project be sure to click here and for more amazing work by Gregory Wilson you can click here to go to his website.
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