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For those who have a passion for thrill rides, welcome to's comprehensive coaster guide. Here you'll find resources for finding the best coasters near you. Alternatively, you can follow in the footsteps of other coaster fanatics and plan an entire world trip around these attractions.

Wheels Of Steel: The tallest and the fastest coasters on the globe, and in the U.S.

Wood Is Good: For those who like the creak of vintage coasters, as well as the best of the new wave of woodies.

Five Centuries Of Thrill Seeking: Did you know that coasters have been with us longer than baseball? Read up on the origins of America's favorite thrill rides.

Find A Ride: Use this interactive tool to find roller coasters near you.

The Thrill Seeker's Bookshelf - Selections from the stacks of for your reading pleasure.

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