Chase After Kidnap, Caught On Tape

A man who allegedly kidnapped a woman and child was killed by police after a high-speed chase and shootout that was .

With a shotgun to her head, reports CBS News Correspondent Lee Cowan, the mother and her four-year-old daughter were forced to weave their Dodge Neon in and out of traffic on I-45 in Houston, as an army of police gave chase, all the while dodging bullets from the suspect, who was wildly firing at them and other drivers.

"As soon as I saw the gun," said motorist Q. Harris, "I told my wife to duck, and as soon as I told her to duck, he let off two rounds."

To escape the madness, Cowan says, the mother tried to open her door to bail out but, just as she did, the car slammed into the back of a pickup truck.

She went flying, rolling down the pavement, but remarkably, got up and ran over to a police officer, who quickly threw her behind the car for protection as the shootout continued.

Witness Kimberly Rooks told reporters, "I heard one sound, 'Pow,' and then I heard, 'Patter, patter, patter, patter,' and I'm like, 'Oh my God, what's happening?' "

The car rolled slowly to a stop, riddled with bullet holes.

The suspect, Jeremy Ethon Roberson, was found dead inside.

Mother and daughter were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Cowan noted that it all started in Dallas, where Roberson, believed to be the mother's boyfriend, grabbed the two and started the 230 mile chase south to Houston.

His family was at a loss to explain it all.

Ex-sister-in-law Latanya Lambert remarked, "I know Jeremy knew better than to have a shootout with a police office, but I have never known Jeremy to even own a gun."

Roberson would have been 30 on Sunday. Up until now, he only had a minor criminal record.