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Charlie Sheen wants to return for "Two and a Half Men" finale

Charlie Sheen was back on his old network on Monday, stopping by CBS' "Late Show" for an interview.

During their chat, Sheen told host David Letterman that he'd like to return for the "Two and a Half Men" finale, whenever that may be, despite the fact that his character died after the actor was fired from the series two years ago.

"I am dead," Sheen said, referring to the subway accident that killed his character. "But so's the show."

Letterman also asked Sheen about his public meltdown in the spring of 2011. When asked if he ever felt embarrassed about it, Sheen responded, "Of course. Have you seen some of those interviews? That stuff's out there forever, man."

The actor denied that drugs were a factor during that time.

"Not during the meltdown," Sheen told Letterman. "During the previous 30 years, sure."

Despite Sheen's "Late Show" quip, "Two and a Half Men" isn't going anywhere just yet -- CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said last week that the network "would like to have an 11th season" of the sitcom. She also said cast member Angus T. Jones who made his own disparaging remarks about "Men" (which he then apologized for), is expected to stick with the show.

Sheen's FX series "Anger Management" returns on Thursday.

Watch part of Sheen's interview below: