Charlie Rose interview with Syrian President Bashar Assad a Peabody Award winner

Charlie Rose interviews Syrian President Bashar Assad at the Presidential Palace in Damascus, Sept. 8, 2013.

Charlie Rose's "CBS This Morning" interview "One-on-One with Assad" is a Peabody Award winner.

The live announcement of the Peabody Award winners on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday included Rose's interview with the Syrian president. Rose interviewed Bashar Assad in early September of last year at the height of Syria's civil war.

Watch his full interview below. Read the transcript of the interview here.

Rose said shortly after speaking with Assad that he seemed "remarkably calm and conversational" during the interview.

Rose added, "I think he made a commitment, perhaps because he's his father's son, that all he had to do was go all-out, that in order to save the regime, he had to go all-out. He took note of the fact war is ruthless and that in war, you have to do everything you can to survive."

Watch Rose's full reaction to the interview from the "CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley" below.