Charles Ross, Fla. man, arrested for giving wedgies outside movie theater, police say

Charles Ross
Manatee County Sheriffs Office
Charles Ross
Manatee County Sheriff's Office

(CBS/AP) BRADENTON, Fla. - Police arrested a YouTube prankster on Sunday for allegedly giving wedgies to people outside a Florida movie theater.

Bradenton police said 18-year-old Charles Ross was booked into Manatee County Jail on battery charges. He was released Monday on a $750 bond.

A police report said Ross is known for videotaping pranks and harassing people in Manatee County, then putting the footage on YouTube. A recent video of Ross kissing strangers has garnered nearly 400,00 views.

Police said Ross grabbed people by the back of the pants and pulled them up, hard. Several victims said they were too embarrassed to press charges.

Ross said he doesn't disagree with the charge and that he apologizes for offending anyone, CBS affiliate WTSP reports.

"It was a joke I was playing. It doesn't mean it's OK, what I was doing. I think it was fair," he said.

Ross said he will continue to make videos despite his arrest.