Channing Tatum on his stripper past, "The Vow"

Channing Tatum on "CBS This Morning."
Channing Tatum on "CBS This Morning."

Channing Tatum is known for his leading man good looks in romantic dramas like "Dear John" and his new movie "The Vow," in which he plays a husband struggling to win back his wife after she loses all memory of him in a car accident.

But did you know the hunky star was once a stripper?

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On "CBS This Morning," Gayle King mentioned a scene in "The Vow" in which he takes his shirt off.

Erica Hill asked, "It was your job once (to take your clothes off), though, wasn't it?"

Tatum replied, "It was actually at 19 years old in a crazy part of my life, yeah, for six-to-eight months."

King said, "Think about your life -- at 19 years old, you were an exotic dancer. Fast-forward to 12 years later, you're opening five, six movies at the beginning of the year. Do you look back on those days (in Florida) and say, 'How do you like me now?' Or, do you say, 'That was then, this is now?"'

"I think I probably do both, to be fully honest," Tatum said. "I (recently) went back to Tampa. I made a film about it with Steven Soderbergh. And you know, you're there, you're walking the same street, I was living in government housing at the time. You're looking around, and (saying), 'Did this really happen? Is this some weird sort of trip that I'm on?' But it is. It is a really strange road that I've sort of gotten here on. It's been fun."

"The Vow" hits theaters Friday, Feb. 10.

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