Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube talk about new movie "21 Jump Street"

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in a scene from "21 Jump Street."
Columbia Pictures
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in a scene from "21 Jump Street."
Columbia Pictures

(CBS News) WASHINGTON - The actors of "21 Jump Street" squashed rumors of a sequel when they sat down with's Christine Delargy on Thursday. However, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube all agreed they would love the opportunity should the opportunity arise.

"We are hoping to do another one, it just depends if it makes a lot of money," Hill joked.

"We hope that it does well enough to do a sequel. If they ask me then I'm up for it," added Ice Cube.

"21 Jump Street," a movie adapted from a Fox series in the late 1980s created by the late Stephen J. Cannell, features the first big comedic role for Channing Tatum, who usually spends his time wrapped up in romantic dramas.

"People don't usually call me for comedies. I was like 'Alright but only if you promise to make me funny,'" said Tatum while still dressed in his cop uniform alongside Hill. "I'm staying in character until the movie comes out," Tatum joked.

Hill told that he made a bet with Tatum while he was working on "The Vow": "I promise you'll be great. You'll be hilarious and if not you can beat me up."

He got away without a fight, and the two actors who also played producer roles in the film, said they really enjoyed working together.

"Comedy is truth, it's honesty. The stuff that is really funny is stuff that everyone can relate to on a human level," said Hill. "He's a really sensitive, honest human being and I think that's why he was great in this movie and is a great actor."

"The idea of making a movie about getting to relive a really important part of your youth and thinking you have all the answers and then realizing you have none of the answers, that's a cool idea for me," said Hill, who has been working on this film for the past five years.

"The whole premise of the movie is funny, we poke fun at the fact that the guys look too old to be in high school. The movie winks at itself, I think that's the appeal," said Ice Cube. According to Hill, one of these "winks" can be found in one of the first jokes in the movie that makes fun at the laziness of adapting a television series to a feature film.

"21 Jump Street" premieres in theaters on March 16.