Channing Tatum: I'd give my life for the president

The president and the White House are under attack from terrorists in the latest action-packed thriller from Hollywood, and we're not talking about "Olympus Has Fallen."

"White House Down"made its debut in New York on Tuesday, with the film's stars hitting the red carpet for the premiere.

In the film, Channing Tatum plays a Capitol policeman who takes his daughter on a tour of the White House when it falls under attack from terrorists bent on kidnapping President Sawyer, played by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx.

At the premiere, Tatum told CBS News that he would do anything to protect the real-life president, regardless of political party.

"I don't care what president it is, I'm a red-blooded American. I love our country and I absolutely would give my life for the president," the "Magic Mike" star said.

Watch video above to see footage from the New York premiere and to hear co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal discuss working with real-life Secret Service agents in preparation for the role.

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