Changes At Public Eye

Today we're announcing some big changes here at Public Eye and I wanted to take a moment to describe them. First the news: I am stepping aside as editor of Public Eye to become senior political editor for Brian Montopoli, who you've come to know well over the first 16 months of this blog, will take over as editor of Public Eye. Hillary Profita, also an founding member of the team, will continue to provide her analysis and behind-the-scenes observations as well as produce The Skinny.

These changes become effective January 15 and both Brian and I will have more to say before then. I have had the unique challenge to help launch something as ambitious and new as Public Eye, and now the dramatic changes in the media world have opened up another opportunity for me. Taking charge of political coverage and planning for is a challenge that allows me to combine my past experience covering political campaigns with the knowledge and insight I've gained from looking at the evolution of our industry over the past two years. And I'm excited about it.

Of course, regardless of the opportunities in front of me, leaving Public Eye would be unimaginable if I weren't completely comfortable that it would continue to thrive, and that's where Brian comes in. With the experience, institutional knowledge and commitment he brings to the table, Brian will be able to maintain the basic mission of Public Eye while also putting his own stamp on it. He will be aided by Hillary, whose proven ability to bring you informational and important glimpses of what happens behind the curtains at CBS News and spot-on analysis of the news in general will play an even larger role. Change is perhaps the only constant in today's media world, and it's probably about time this blog sees a bit of it.