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Change Your Makeup Palette

After a long and cold winter, spring has finally arrived. And what better way to greet the new season than with a fresh new face. Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal visits The Early Show to share three easy spring makeup looks.

Roncal says there are a few hot trends going on in makeup for the spring. "Color is back with a vengeance," she says. "Color is excitement, and it enhances the point that spring is finally here."

Another trend: that dewy, shimmery skin that was so popular last year is a must-have look again this year. Softly bronzed skin is also hot for spring, as is a light smoky eye for a spring evening look.

The following are Roncal's makeup looks:

The return of color
Have some fun with color. Roncal uses a sheer blue shadow for a pretty girlish look. She also plays up the lashes ("spring is the time for a sexy and flirtatious look," Roncal says) with a few false lashes for depth and definition. "False lashes don't have to be over the top and crazy," Roncal says, "but you use them to add a little punch to the eye, a little something extra." Emphasizing the eyes with a bright color is also the best way to keep the rest of the face relatively neutral. She does this with a dewy peach cheek, and a soft, pink lip.

Sexy Beach Girl look
"If you're stuck in the winter doldrums, nothing is going to boost you into spring like the super sexy beach girl look," Roncal says. "But we're not talking about the orange tanners and bronzers that look totally unnatural and wrong. This is all about naturally bronzy skin."

First and foremost, Roncal says, it's important to know where to put the bronzer. "Bronzer goes on the apples of the cheeks, the forehead, and the nose - wherever the sun would naturally hit you. It doesn't need to go everywhere else. It shouldn't!"

She also says that women should have a separate brush for their bronzer and not use what they usually use for blush. "You can get residual buildup of other product on your brushes," she says, "which combined with new color could give you an ugly mix of color on your face."

To complete the look, Roncal goes very natural by curling the eyelashes and putting on a coat or two of mascara. She uses a water-based eyes shadow gel that gives a little shine to the lids, and a glossy beige lip.

Sultry nighttime look
"The smoky eye is a great option for a spring nighttime look," Roncal says. "All you need to do is change the colors a bit for a springier look - a modified smoky eye."

Roncal uses earth-toned shadows so it's not a terribly heavy looking eye. She lines the entire eye with black liner, but blends it so it's not too harsh. For the rest of the face, she uses a peachy-brown blush and a glossy lip - again, when emphasizing one feature strongly, the rest of the face should be more subdued. An overall glow with shimmer pulls the entire look together. "I love this look because it's so easy. It's a great way to go from day to night effortlessly - all you need is a little liner," Roncal says.

About Mally Roncal:

Some of the world's top celebrities turn to Mally Roncal to prepare for their most important career moments. She has become a favorite among a versatile group of actors and music industry heavyweights including: Celine Dion, Kelly Osbourne, Beyonce Knowles, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Kudrow, Gretchen Mol, Kerri Russell, Molly Shannon, Lee Ann Womak, Zooey Deschannel, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and many more.

Magazines like Allure, Marie Claire, In Style, Self, Harper's Bazaar and Town & Country have all turned to Roncal for her technique. Her monthly "Trend Spotting" column for Seventeen is a favorite in the beauty industry.

Roncal has served as a spokesperson for brands including Revlon, Shu Uemura, Elizabeth Arden, Almay, MAC, and, now, Sephora. She helped to created memorable looks for ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren Polo, Candies, and Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics, and her makeup ingenuity and creativity has been recruited for the runways by Tracy Reese and Pat Field, for the House of Field.