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'Change Your Life' by Balancing It Physically

Everyone has at least one area of their lives that could use a little improvement. This summer, Becky Tirabassi, the author of "Change Your Life," is helping people set and accomplish their goals.

The Early Show's Jane Clayson talks to Tirabassi about ways to balance your life physically.

We're talking about these eight daily to-do's. Last week you talked about eating right. What's next?

To balance your life physically, you need to both eat right and exercise regularly. It's not about just being skinny--it's about exercising regularly to improve your cardiovascular system, to increase your energy, to burn fat and calories, and to increase your energy.

You talk about identifying the reason why people don't do these things--the barriers that keep them from succeeding. Why don't people do this if it is so good for them?

Well, this is a great question for each person to ask themselves, because once you identify the barriers, you'll be able to achieve your goals.

So, when it comes to exercising, you need to consider your budget: 'Can I afford a personal trainer, or do I need to buy just one piece of equipment that I know I'll do?'

Secondly, what are your priorities? I have friends in my life who would love to go to the gym, but right now they are caretakers in their home, so their exercise is to catch a walk with a friend when they can. You need to consider your lifestyle: Are you single? Well, it's different if you're a mom with kids. What will your exercise plan look like? It may need to be more family-friendly than when you were single.

And last, your personality: Do you love to have fun? Do you love music? Do you like to do it with your friends? Or do you burrow into the treadmill and just work out alone?

As both a stress reliever and calorie burner, walking is great for both beginners and pros, because you can do it almost anywhere, any time at your own pace. It's one of the safest, most effective ways to improve your cardiovascular health.

There are a few basic walking techniques: Chest is high, arms don't go across the chest, they go in line with the body, elbows--hip to chest. Down at the feet, it's heel, ball, toe.

Biking, like walking, is a workout just about anybody can do. And as with any exercise program, working out with a friend will help you stay motivated.

Variety is key to enjoying the workout, so this summer, if you're already taking your kids to the pool, you might enjoy a water workout.

Water workouts aren't limited to just swimming laps. Lunges, jogging, or even using your kids' toys can turn 30 to 40 minutes of pool time into an effective workout.

As your physical fitness increases, so should the intensity of your workouts.

With good instruction, aerobic classes, like spinning, can take you to the next level.

All righ., Talk about the importance of journaling throughout this process. Tell us how journaling helps us with exercise.

Well, if you fail to plan, it has been said that you plan to fail. So by taking a week at a glance, looking at when during the week I could exercise three or four times for 30 to 40 minutes at a time and putting it in your calendar, you will begin to achieve your fitness goals. So we've given everybody the opportunity to go online and download a journal page that helps them look at a week at a glance and get into the habit at looking at the week: What could I do to exercise regularly that fits my schedule?

If you write it down, you are more likely to do it.


And get into groups, again, as you are talking about.

The "Change Your Life" groups are for everyone in the viewing audience to achieve their changes through accountability with friends or co-workers.

In fact, as she does every Monday, Tirabassi will host an online chat at 12 noon, that's Eastern time, for people who want to talk more about the day's "Change Your Life" opic.

Well, I even ask if you've journaled every day. If you want an accountability partner, go online and let me know.
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