'Chainsaw' Remake Gets Disclaimer

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Jessica Biel, Mike Vogel, Erica Leerhsen, Jonathan Tucker and Eric Balfour 2003
The remake of the 1974 cult horror movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" opened Friday in Greece with an introduction demanded by psychiatrists: Schizophrenics aren't always violent.

The distributor of the film — with the Greek title "The Schizophrenic Murderer with the Chainsaw" — said it added the preface prepared by the Research Institute for Psychological Health.

The distributor took the action after Greek psychiatrists demanded that the Greek title be changed because it insulted schizophrenics and stigmatized people with psychological disorders.

In a newspaper ad, the distributor Odeon A.E. said moviegoers will also be offered a leaflet about psychological illnesses.