Chad Wolfe Death: Man found dead in Fla. airport elevator shaft seen in bizarre video

(CBS) TAMPA, Fla. - Newly released surveillance video shows the bizarre final moments for Chad Wolfe, a Pennsylvania man who was found dead inside an elevator shaft at the Tampa International Airport on March 18.

The airport surveillance video, obtained by CBS affiliate WTSP, shows Wolfe drinking what appears to be a small bottle of liquor as his girlfriend, Jessica Price, is seen walking in front of him.

In one of the more bizarre moments of the footage, Wolfe can be seen climbing onto a tree inside the airport lobby.

In the last clip, the couple is seen walking toward the elevators. Price, who quickly moves ahead of Wolfe, gets on a far left elevator, leaving Wolfe trying to catch up. Wolfe ultimately ends up boarding another elevator, on the far right.

This appears to be the last time the couple sees each other, WTSP reports.

The 31-year-old Wolfe, of West Newton, Pa., was found dead in the early morning hours of March 18. Records show Wolfe had arrived in Tampa from Atlanta shortly after midnight.

According to WTSP, the Airport Authority confirmed on Wednesday that a locking device on the elevator door leading to the shaft where Wolfe was found was "compromised," but they did not go into further details.

A statement released by Tampa International Airport said all of the elevator doors were inspected in January and there were no signs of any problems prior to Wolfe's death. They added that out of caution, all 215 doors at the airport have since been inspected and they were found to be functioning properly.

The airport's police chief said Wolfe had apparently been drinking, and possibly taking Xanax before he arrived in Tampa, and added that Wolfe acted erratically on his flight from Pennsylvania to Tampa International Airport.

Officials are awaiting toxicology reports, but maintained that there are no signs of foul play.

The investigation now focuses on the elevator door, and how it became "compromised," according to WTSP.