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A look at the new technology being unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this week

New products being unveiled at CES
A look at the new products being unveiled at CES 04:43

New technology aimed at making life easier is being unveiled this week in Las Vegas at the massive trade show CES. More than 4,500 companies, including startups and industry powerhouses, will showcase their new products.

Here's a look at some of the products being introduced:


The Ambassador is a "smart wearable" by the company Waverly Labs that translates languages between two people, CNET editor-at-large Brian Cooley explained on "CBS This Morning" Tuesday.

The wearables, which connect to an app, come in a set of two, so each person wears one over their ear.

"While both of you guys are wearing this, all you've got to do is click on it," he said. "It translates automatically across languages to two people." 

The set is $180, Cooley said.

Air Pix

The Air Pix, by AirSelfie, is an aerial camera that operates on its own.

"You just say, 'go ahead and get a picture of me.' It takes off," Cooley said. "It's framing me up with a facial recognition camera and once it gets me framed, it takes the shot, sends it to my phone and it comes back and lands automatically."

The Air Pix costs $100.


The Tombot is a $400 robotic dog that can be used for therapy. "It's not meant to be a cute little pet. It is that, and amazingly lifelike, but it's intended for animal-assisted therapy for dementia patients," Cooley said. "Real dogs are sentient beings, take a lot of training. This could be scaled very quickly." 

The robot is "also great for working with prisoners who need to have a sense of relationship and responsibility with a living creature," he added.

Charmin RollBot

The RollBot is designed to bring people a new roll of toilet paper when they're in the bathroom.

"It uses your phone as a beacon," Cooley said. "You summon it, it brings you toilet paper. It assumes very accurately that we're always sitting on the can with our phones." 

L'Oreal Perso

The Perso is "a little tower" that you put difference cartridges of lipstick into.

"It creates lipstick colors using an app that gives you the perfect shade," Cooley explained. "They can also blend in custom skin care." 

Other products being unveiled include:

Samsung Sero TV: a television that has the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientation

Heatbox: a self-heating lunchbox that uses steam innovation and smart technology 

wayzn: a device that can open doors for dogs when owners aren't home

Apollo wristband: a wristband that can help your body deal with stress by facilitating focus, sleep, energy and more 

Toyota city of the future prototype: a prototype of a fully connected ecosystem powered by hydrogen fuel cells, called the Woven City

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