Death toll rises from flooding in central Texas as rescues continue

Deadly Texas flooding

LLANO, Texas — Central Texas has floodwaters with no place to go. The Llano River is still roaring and still causing havoc to communities. At least two deaths have been blamed on the flood waters.

CBS News came across an emergency team who found and rescued two men trapped in their submerged SUV, nose down in a street that had washed away. It was just one of dozens of rescues over the last two days.

Most of this excess water has flowed into the bloated Lake Travis, now filled to 132 percent capacity. Engineers have opened a series of control gates to relieve the water pressure.

On Tuesday morning, Scott Turner's family of four discovered the Llano River had surged half a mile into their house, ruining almost everything they owned.

"When the water came to our house it was almost past our ankles," Turner said. "We got the dogs out and that was it."

The Turners had no flood insurance — a costly reality for other families here. The worst may be on its way, with more rain in the forecast through Saturday.

  • Mark Strassmann

    Mark Strassmann has been a CBS News correspondent since January 2001 and is based in the Atlanta bureau.