Celtics "Super Fan" on Bittersweet Game 6

Tyler McGill talks on "The Early Show" about his experience at Game 6 and seeing his favorite team, the Celtics, lose.
There are fans and then there are "super fans."

On Monday, "The Early Show" met a man who really earned the title of "super fan."

A couple weeks ago, Tyler McGill won a bet and courtside seats from his buddies after walking the 218-mile trek from Boston to New York.

McGill caused such a buzz "The Early Show" featured him on the broadcast and then decided to make another one of his dreams come true. "The Early Show" sent him to Los Angeles for Game 6 of the National Basketball Association Championship between the L.A. Lakers and the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics loss the game 89 to 67.

On "The Early Show" Wednesday, McGill said he's trying to recover from the loss.

However, McGill said the entire experience was different with a press pass. He even had a chance to do a "snow angel" motion on the Lakers' emblem on the court.

For more with McGill, click on the video below.

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