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Celebs Who've Been Naughty, And Nice

Who was naughty and who was nice this year among celebrities?

Entertainment journalist Michael Hundgen stopped by The Early Show Wednesday to discuss who Satna will probably smile on -- and who might be getting coal in their stockings!


Britney Spears: Left the mental hospital and back on the charts. Topped AOL's list of most searched celebrities in 2008. Swept the MTV's VMAs with a string of awards for her single, "Piece of Me." Her hot single "Womanizer," landed her back at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. She's been widely well received by audiences and spending a lot more time with her kids as well.

Tom Cruise: His escapades jumping on couches, professing his love, preaching Scientology and denying the existence of Post-Partum Depression have definitely caused some waves over the last few years. But in 2008, he sort of seemed to come back to earth in the perception of most. He seems to have figured out what he's good at: entertaining. After all, everyone likes Tom Cruise, just not his agenda. He had a great cameo in "Tropic Thunder," and now even stars as a Nazi protagonist in his latest film, "Valkyrie." He and Katie Holmes are now somewhat settled into life in New York City, too, along with Suri. His son, Connor, also has a role in the new Will Smith movie, "Seven Pounds."

Paris and Nicole: The former BFF's, who starred in a reality show as both friends and foes, had really had a rough few years. Both even served jail time in 2007 (Paris for 45 days, Nicole for 82 hours). But the two were back in action in 2008. Nicole Richie had a baby, Harlow Winter Kate, with her husband, Joel Madden, whose brother, Benji, Paris dated. When Paris and Benji broke up, Nicole was there to console her. It wasn't simply a year of heartache for Paris, however. She had her own show on MTV, "My New BFF," and even made political headlines when she taped a commercial spoofing John McCain's "celebrity attacks on Barack Obama."

Leonardo DiCaprio: This is the year that green became cool, because of activists like him. Had bit with Al Gore at the Oscars, and they are buddy-buddy. Now driving a Prius is not just an economy thing, it's a cool thing. He is a member of Global Green's board of directors, along with Ed Norton. The two have been involved in everything from lobbying Gov. Schwarzenegger and the California legislature on behalf of green-friendly, to low-income housing, to participating in fund-raising events, to arriving at the Academy Awards in energy-efficient vehicles. Also reunited with Titanic co-star, Kate Winslet, in "Revolutionary Road," out now.

Jonas Brothers: Always great role models. No arrests, good clean fun. Topped AOL's list of top musician searches. Wear "purity rings." Next up, a 3-D concert movie and a Disney Channel TV series, not to mention still more swooning from the 'tween girl set.


Madonna: Big celebrity breakup of 2008. Went through her divorce from Guy Ritchie and A-Rod.

Miley Cyrus: Perez Hilton named her villain of the year: "She just seemed to do nothing right. She started off poorly with pictures, leaked from her cell phone, of her in the shower. Then the Vanity Fair shoot, the trashing of her fellow costars, dating a 20-year-old when she's only 15. But, whether we like it or not, she's a superstar. She's very crafty at getting our attention."

Christian Bale: After starting off with such a mega- blockbuster rise up this year, "Dark Knight" star Christian Bale was arrested in London after allegedly assaulting his mother and sister. The charges were later dropped, but allegations certainly dimmed his star a bit.

Amy Winehouse: Her "Blake Incarcerated" admitted to hooking her on crack cocaine and self-injury, and that he had to leave her to save her. Also has threatened her to cough up 1 million pounds in hush money.

Shia Labeouf: Despite an E! Online report claiming his hand injury had turned into a more serious situation than expected, a source told Access Hollywood the actor is going ahead with surgery that has been planned since September. The car crash was July 27, and hindered the production of "Transformers."

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