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Celebs On Deck At Jackson Trial

The big question as another week at the Michael Jackson child molestation trail begins is when a host of celebrities will begin to take the stand on the pop star's behalf.

The prosecution claims that actor Macaulay Culkin was molested by Jackson in the 1990's, reports CBS News Correspondent Steve Futterman. Culkin has publicly said Jackson did nothing wrong, but it's unclear if he will say that on the witness stand under oath.

"It's a pretty good bet that he will be here on Wednesday," said CBS News Consultant J. Randy Taraborrelli. "He does want to testify on Michael Jackson's behalf."

Two others who the prosecution claims were molested by Jackson when they were young boys did take the stand last week and said the pop star never did anything improper, but they were forced to admit that they repeatedly slept with Jackson.

On Friday, defense attorneys presented the boys' mothers, who said they trusted the singer enough to let their sons sleep in his bed and were convinced that no molestation ever occurred.

Jurors looked uneasy as the two mothers described taking gifts and trips while their sons shared Jackson's bed, even if — as they insist — no abuse occurred, reports CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales.

Joy Robson and Marie Lisbeth Barnes praised Jackson from the witness stand Friday.

"I've known Michael for a long time. I've spent many hours talking to him about everything. I feel like he's a member of my family. I trust him. I trust him with my children," said Robson, whose 22-year-old son, Wade Robson, told jurors earlier that he was never molested by Jackson.

"He's a very special person," she added. "He's not the boy next door. He's Michael Jackson. He's very unique. He has a very pure personality. To know him is to love him and to trust him."

"You're asking the jurors to take a leap of faith; if they don't take that leap with you, Michael Jackson will be convicted," said attorney and courtroom observer Jim Moret.

Jackson, 46, is accused of fondling a 13-year-old former cancer patient, plying him with alcohol, and conspiring to detain him and his family so they would rebut a documentary in which he is seen holding hands with his accuser and saying he allows children to sleep in his bed, though he says the sleepovers were non-sexual.

Culkin may be only the first of a parade of celebrities testifying on Jackson's behalf.

"People like these celebrities," says Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen. "They're coming in out of the goodness of their heart to tell their story, and if prosecutors beat up on them, that only helps Jackson."

Some of the star witnesses do have key information to offer, reports Gonzales.

Jay Leno will reportedly say he thought the singer's young accuser was trying to scam him.

Larry King is expected to testify that the accuser's family's lawyer told him they were after Jackson's money.

And Elizabeth Taylor will likely tell jurors that Jackson wanted to fight the accusations made by this young accuser in 1993, but she helped convince him to take the advice of his insurance company and settle it.

Documents that have been filed by the defense indicate that the defense team is planning to refute the testimony of a youth pastor who has testified that he was molested by Jackson, by saying that this young boy was lied to and manipulated by the detectives who interviewed him, reports Taraborrelli.