'Celebrity Weddings Unveiled'

MELODY THOMAS SCOTT from The Young & The Restless
Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes at a big-time celebrity wedding?

On Tuesday night, you can see "An Entertainment Tonight Event: Celebrity Weddings Unveiled." Lara Spencer steps-out of her usual role as New York anchor of "The Insider" to host the show. She visits The Early Show to offer a couple of preview video clips.

She takes you to two celebrity weddings, both of them in Las Vegas. First, Holly Robinson Peete of "My Wonderful Life" invited "E.T." along as she renewed her vows with Philadelphia Eagle football star Rodney Peete. It was 115 degrees, but Carlos Ponce also of "E.T.," and Spencer discovered that the couple had no trouble keeping their cool.

How does this compare with her first wedding?

"Well, I have less stress," Robinson Peete told Spencer, "because I have less diva bridesmaids."

Diva-in-training Ryan Peete, 7, was thrilled to be part of her parents' ceremony. To her daughter, Robinson Peete said, "I might even let you wear a little mascara today. Oh, my gosh! We're creating a monster."

The mother of four walked down the aisle in a Dina Burrell couture gown.

"I feel like I'm a mommy, but kind of a sexy mommy," she said. "Hot mommy."

And while Robinson Peete and Spencer were dishing some girl talk, the big and little men were donning their duds.

Ponce reported little Robinson was still kind of groggy from his nap, and he had to help little Rodney get his tie just perfect. The entire Peete family took their place under the open-air arched platform, filled with orchids and hydrangea.

Ryan kept peeking during prayer. Robinson gave dad a tug. And Rodney Jr., turned cartwheels behind the pastor, just before he stole the mike, thanking everyone for coming.

Robinson also had his chance at the mike, though it was hard to tell what he said.

His mother translated as everybody laughed, "That was a song from SpongeBob SquarePants."

The Rev . Jesse Jackson officiated at her first wedding; however he did not get the memo that the couple had written their own vows. Ten years later, they got to share them in public.

Ten minutes before the wedding, the skies opened up with sheets of rain. Needless to say, behind the scenes in her gorgeous gown, Robinson Peete was a little bit stressed out.

Spencer notes what you really see with the special is that celebrities are people, too. They go through all the same stress of other couples.

Melody Thomas Scott of "The Young and the Restless" waited 20 years to say, "I still Do" to husband and "Y&R" producer Edward Scott.