Celebrities turn out for Obama in final campaign push

Katy Perry performs for a crowd before the arrival of President Barack Obama at a campaign rally,Oct. 24, 2012, in Las Vegas.

(CBS News) President Obama visited Florida, Virginia, and Ohio over the weekend, speaking to crowds of between 10- 20,000 people and repeatedly delivering the message that he is the same candidate who stood for hope and change four years ago.

"You know what I believe. You know what I stand for. You know I tell the truth," Mr. Obama told supporters.

Stars also turned out to support the president on the campaign trail: Katy Perry, Dave Matthews and Stevie Wonder were all on hand to warm up rally crowds. The president was also joined by former President Bill Clinton, now a fixture at Obama campaign events.

CBS News' Nancy Cordes reports that the Obama campaign is publicly and privately expressing confidence that their candidate will win, citing strong early voting numbers in critical battleground states. 

President Obama will finish out his campaign on Monday, spending time in Ohio, Iowa, and Wisconsin,  where he will be joined by Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z for a rally in Madison.

For more from Cordes the campaign trail, watch the video above.