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CBS.Com Kid's Privacy Statement

Hey kids!

Here at CBS Kidshow Online and we want to make sure that you have a totally fun and safe experience on the Internet. We take this pretty seriously and so should you. Here are a few simple things that you should know and some ways you can stay safe and have fun online.

We will never ask you anything personal. We will never give information you give to us to anyone else.

Never give out any personal information about yourself. This means your address, your phone number, your email address or even your name! In Nikolai's Clubhouse, always ask that you use a made-up name or a nickname. We'll never ask you for your real name. There's lots of space on the site for you to send us your jokes, stories, poems etc. We want to hear what you have to say! You can even send an email directly to Nikolai or Neow-Neow. If we post your work, we will only use your Clubhouse nickname. We'll never post your email address on the site.

Whenever you see this symbol:

on our site, it means that you should ask a grown-up if it's okay to send in information.

On the site you will see ads that connect to sites outside of Each of these will be clearly marked with the "Ad Zone' markers:

When you click on an ad you will be taken to what we call a gateway page. This page will tell you the name of the site you're heading to and, just in case you made a mistake, let you to come back to have more fun on

Sometimes we'll put a survey on the site to find out what kind of things you like and don't like. This helps us to figure out how to make the best place in Cyberspace! These surveys are totally optional, so you don't have to fill them out if you don't want to. We will also never ask you anything personal or give the information to anyone else.

If you ever have any problems on the site you can always email with any questions that you may have.

Stay safe, have fun and we'll see you at CBS Kidshow Online and!