CBS To Fox: The Tribe Has Spoken

Mitchell Olson of Survivor: The Australian Outback takes a fall.
CBS wants a Fox reality program voted off the island.

The network that brought you "Survivor" and its sequel, "Survivor: The Australian Outback" has filed a lawsuit claiming that Fox's new show "Boot Camp" is a "Survivor" rip off.

The lawsuit charges that "Boot Camp" has violated federal copyright law and California state law by mimicking significant elements of the CBS program. The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages and changes in Boot Camp.

The company that produces Boot Camp says it has not been served with the complaint and has no comment. One veteran industry analyst is expressing surprise over CBS' action.

Paul Schulman of the media buying firm Schulman/Advanswers says that "network television is the greatest copycat medium," adding, "I don't think CBS has a patent on the reality genre."

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