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CBS Poll: He Said, She Said

According to the latest CBS News poll, men and women have mixed feelings about whether President Clinton made sexual advances on Kathleen Willey.

Women are more likely to side with Clinton, and men are more likely to side with Willey. But most people donÂ't believe either one is being entirely truthful.

Fifty-two percent of women believe ClintonÂ's version of the story, compared with 41 percent of women who believe Willey, according to the poll. For men, the results were reversed: 34 percent believe Clinton, while 55 percent side with Willey.

But when asked how truthful they believe both Clinton and Willey have been, more than 60 percent felt that both were hiding something.

This poll was conducted among 529 adults by telephone March 16, 1998, who had been previously interviewed March 1-2, 1998. The error due to sampling could be plus or minus 4 percentage points for results based on the entire sample; the error on individual change is much smaller.

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