CBS News' Number Two Steps Down

CBS News' Senior Vice President for News Coverage Marcy McGinnis announced to colleagues today that she will be stepping down next week. In a note, McGinnis writes:
"It's time for a changing of the guard at CBS News, and I'll be leaving on Friday, November 18.

Sean McManus told me when he arrived last week that he felt it was important to appoint his own "number two" -- a decision I understand.

In 1970, just two weeks after graduation from Marymount University in Arlington, VA, I began my career at CBS News as a secretary in the Special Events Unit. I had no idea where I was headed and no idea where I would end up. But I did know that I wanted to travel a path that was interesting and adventurous, fun and exotic, stimulating and challenging. I wanted to make a difference. CBS News sounded like it might offer some of those things, and boy was I ever right.

CBS President Sean McManus sent a note as well, reading in part:
"I would like to thank her for a distinguished 35-year career with us, a tenure remarkable for its unwavering dedication to making every event she was involved in the best it could possibly be. Marcy has guided our worldwide newsgathering operation through some of the most complicated and challenging events of our lifetimes, from 9/11 to the Iraq war to Hurricane Katrina. As all of you know, events like those test the strength, resourcefulness and professional skills of every individual involved. Marcy led the way, and CBS News' exceptional coverage of those and other events is proof of that."
Like former CBS News President Andrew Heyward, McGinnis has been supportive of our mission at Public Eye and has made many of our behind-the-scenes looks possible. We thank her for that.