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CBS News Comments On Employee's Anti-Republican E-mail

The conservative Web site RedState today has posted an e-mail sent to the Republican National Committee by CBS News employee Vincent Cammisa, a tape archivist at the network. Under the subject head reading, "Perverted Internship Program," the e-mail reads:

Please send me information on how I can become an intern for some perverted, phony family-values Congressman. I know there's no shortage of Republican hypocrites on the Hill, so please rush me the info ASAP. And don't forget to keep covering-up your dirty little secrets, it makes great fodder for your enemies.
I asked Linda Mason, senior vice president for standards and special projects at CBS News, about the e-mail and she told me:
CBS News standards do not allow CBS personnel to identify publicly with either party. Vincent Cammisa is an archivist and has no part in gathering or producing the news. He has been spoken to and told to do nothing like this again. This e-mail in no way reflects the views of CBS News.
RedState's Dan McLaughlin comments on the e-mail:
The first funny thing about seeing the mask drop and the real politics of people high and low in the Mainstream Media revealed is how regularly these sorts of things show not just liberalism, but nasty, gloating, scornful leftism of the most unappealing sort - the very antithesis of the kind of attitude one would want from even a fair-minded journal of liberal opinion, let alone a news source that at least pretends to be objective.
There's not a whole lot more to say. The opinions of a tape archivist do not speak for a news organization, let alone an entire industry. But it's absolutely fair for critics to air such an ill-advised e-mail when it's sent from a CBS News account. CBS News has recently updated its standards, something we'll be addressing in more detail in the coming days, for reasons like this. Here's hoping everyone in the news division takes a couple minutes to read them.
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