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CBS Mornings Deals: A portable, rechargeable air purifier and other items designed to save money and simplify life

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Exclusive discounts from CBS Mornings Deals on items designed to save time and money 04:25

This week on "CBS Mornings," lifestyle expert Lilliana Vazquez discusses items designed to help save money and make life a little easier. Discover this week's exclusive deals below, and visit or text CBS to 65000 to take advantage of them today. 

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Foodie Feeding Set, Foodie Bib 2-Pack

Kids can be messy eaters, which is where Bazzle Baby's Foodie Feeding Set comes in to try and help. The adjustable and reusable bibs feature a large pocket designed to help catch spills while children are eating. And once they're done, the bib can be rinsed with hot and soapy water or placed in the washing machine to clean and use again. 

Was priced at $18.99, offered on for $12.35

Limitless React 7-In-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool

In the event of a car crash, the Limitless React 7-In-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool could help to keep you safe. After a crash, it's common for car doors or seatbelts to jam so the set's seat belt cutting tool and window breaker is designed to make it easier to escape when trapped. The multi-tool set also includes a pocket-sized car charger and power bank, an LED flashlight with three different settings to help navigate in the dark and a compact SOS audible alarm.

Was priced at $49.99, offered on for $24.99

Cleanlight Air Pro

Using negative ion technology and UV light, the CleanLight Air Pro is designed to purify air without having to use expensive filters. The quiet purifier lasts for up to 4 hours on a single charge and visually displays the air quality of an environment on-screen by changing colors. 

Was priced at $189.99, offered on for $79.99

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