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CBS Mornings Deals: A robotic vacuum and more

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Exclusive “CBS Mornings Deals” on items to simplify the home 05:49

This week on "CBS Mornings," lifestyle expert Gayle Bass takes us through exclusive deals, including a vacuum designed to do the work for you.  

Read on for some of this week's deals. Visit or text CBS to 65000 to take advantage of these exclusive deals today. CBS earns commissions on purchases made through 

Kalorik HUVI Robot Vacuum: You can save a lot of time with a robotic vacuum's help. Once the HUVI Robot Vacuum cleaner is set up, it's ready to go to work. You don't even have to be home—you can schedule cleanings through your phone.  

Was priced at $399.99, offered on for $199.99  

Kalorik Home Ionic Pure Air Robot Vacuum: You can keep the air in your house clean as well with the Ionic Pure Air Robot. The technology works by weighing down airborne particles, causing them to fall to the floor and then get vacuumed up by HUVI. 

Was priced at $129.99, offered on for $79.99 

MyMagicCarpet: Even your toughest stains may be no match for MyMagicCarpet—simply throw them in any standard-sized washer and dryer with laundry detergent. MyMagicCarpet rugs have an inner waterproof lining, so spills and accidents shouldn't seep through to your floors.   

Was priced at $79.99 - $269.99, offered on for $39.99-$134.99

Uncaged Ergonomics laptop stands:  As the work-from-home era continues, Uncaged Ergonomics offers a solution to those looking for a new desk. Its WorkEZ Best adjustable laptop stand is designed to make a laptop more comfortable anywhere. Also for those who are looking to get out of their chairs, Uncaged Ergonomics offers a CD4 Standing Desk converter that quickly turns any desk to standing and helps prevent those midday aches and pains.  

Was priced at $42.99 - $89.99, offered on for $21.50-$51.99 

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