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CBS' John Roberts To Become CNN's John Roberts

CNN today announced that current CBS White House Correspondent John Roberts will be joining the cable news network as a Senior National Correspondent on February 20th. In a letter to CBS friends and colleagues this morning, Roberts wrote:
For nearly 14 years at the network, and two years at our Miami station, I have been a part of CBS News, and it a huge part of me. Ultimately, though, all relationships must come to an end, and regrettably, it is time to end my relationship here.

When I was a wide-eyed kid, learning the ropes at a 5 thousand watt radio station in the middle of nowhere, never in my most elaborate dreams did I imagine I would become a member of the CBS family. Just to have played a modest part in the history of this grand institution is an incredible reward.

The best part about it has been the fine people who populate this place. Whether it was war zones, natural disasters or the grind of global presidential travel, you demonstrated time and time again an unswerving commitment to excellence. Oppressive schedules and deadlines only seemed to spark a sense of drive and determination that sometimes appeared superhuman. Unending days and nights in the field or in the studio, covering some of this generation's most important stories brought out the best in all of you.

It has been an amazing ride - and it is my honor to have shared it with such an extraordinarily talented and dedicated group of individuals. So much of who I am as a person is an amalgam of experience and influence working with this industry's top professionals, for which I am truly thankful. There was never a day, during my entire tenure here, that I didn't learn something from you.

Leaving CBS News will be difficult - no question. The ache of anxious anticipation has been gnawing away at me for some time now. It's not just the thought of leaving behind the comfort of familiar surroundings. It's about the many colleagues around the world whom I have come to call friends. It's about the collective pride we share to put the best product we can on the air. It's about the spirit of competition and collegiality to drive this beast across the goal line each and every night.

I truly believe that journalism is one of those "higher callings" - and I will feel forever blessed that I had the opportunity to spend the lion's share of my career at CBS.

My sincerest regards to all of you - with the highest measure of respect.

John Roberts

Due to his prominent role at CBS News, Roberts was often the subject of our interest here at Public Eye and we would like to thank him for his willingness and openness in participating with us. You can see a sample of that here.