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CBS Eye Mobile's Eye On Inauguration

The inauguration of Barack Obama has been called the most interactive inauguration. And by all accounts, it has been.

While there were stories of failed text messages and dropped calls, there were success and some moments that will become part of our digital archive-and become part of our collective memory of a historic day.
There was the communal feel of a crowd estimated to be in the millions:

Inauguration, for Natali Del Conte by CEMObama on CBS EyeMobile
And the people who could not make the trip:
My children and grandchildren watching the inaguration of Obama by CEMObama on CBS EyeMobile
The interested observers:
USASMA, Ft. Bliss Watches the inaguration by Copperti on CBS EyeMobile
And the young who wanted to reach out, and take part:
Inauguration Photo by CEMObama on CBS EyeMobile
No matter what the vantage point, it was a day to remember:

And to see all of the memories shared with CBS News, log onto CBS Eye Mobile.

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