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Caution: 'Gator Crossing'

Folks who left their homes because of Hurricane Georges may not want to go back.

Along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Mississippi, evacuees are finding their homes torn apart and filled with sewage and seaweed.

One man says he's so "discombobulated," he doesn't know which way is up.

News About Animals

But things are a bit worse for those cleaning up after Hurricane Georges just east of Pascagoula, Miss. They have to watch out for floating alligators.

Workers at the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch say about 30 of the animals floated over a fence as the storm flooded the area.

The farm's owners say they were trying to stop the gators from crossing Highway 90, but there isn't much they can do until the water goes down.

Others say they're too busy helping people stranded in their homes across the highway.

One Pascagoula man says most people don't seem too worried about having the beasts on the loose right now. But he says that will change when the gators get into people's yards and start eating cats and dogs.

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