Caught on Tape: Teen Killers Interrogated by Police, While Calmly Sharing a Pizza

Photo: Daniel Russell and Calvin Pearson.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS/KOVR) Chilling interrogation tape of convicted teenage killers has just being released.

The tape is of the police interrogation of 16-year-old Daniel Russell and 16-year old Calvin Pearson, 3 days after they had broken into the home of 90-year-old Marie Oliver in North Sacramento, Calif., and beaten her to death, using the victim's own cane to finish the deed.

The interrogation was in April 2006.

The teenage killers, who were then suspects, share a pizza in the interrogation room, and coolly answer cops' questions, and offer other details of what happened.

"He (Pearson) said that I did everything. I kicked in the door and started beating her," said Daniel Russell.

"We both did it," said Russell.

"Mm-hmm," said Pearson.

A police officer asks, "Hey, guys. Which one of you took the rings off her hand?" "That was you? Okay," the officer adds after Russell points to himself.


Taking a sip of Sprite the teens two discuss who snitched.

"Did you tell anybody?" said Russell.

"I didn't tell nobody," said Pearson.

The only apparent concern of the two is in guessing what their sentence might be.

"Man, we're doin' at least a year, knock on wood we don't," said Russell.

He was wrong about that.

Just last week, a jury sentenced both teens to life in prison.

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