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Caught On Tape: Tasered Defendant Drops Like Stone


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CBS/AP) Defendant Percy Phillips disagreed with a prosecutor's statement in court on Wednesday, and it appeared that he was not going to let it go without a fight.

Phillips jumped to his feet, knocked over the defendant's table, and charged the prosecutor's table.

Then, he was Tasered.

Lieutenant Colonel Carl Yates, a sheriff's department spokesman, told The Courier-Journal Thursday that Phillips "made an aggressive move in the direction" of prosecutor John Balliet.

That's when Deputy William Greer grabbed Phillips until Deputy George Thornton yelled "Taser!"

Greer backed away and Thornton fired.

Yates said Phillips was subdued, but was not seriously injured.

Phillips was in Jefferson Circuit Court for a competency hearing. He is charged with retaliating against a witness and being a persistent felon. He is not facing new charges for this incident.

Defense attorney Jay Lambert said he thought the situation was handled appropriately.

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