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Caught on Tape: Naked Burglar


NEW YORK (CBS) Police in Abington, Pa. say they're on the lookout for a burglar who shouldn't be hard to miss... because he's naked!

He also seems to have a thing for women's clothing. It's all making local residents more than a little uncomfortable.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video in the nude, after allegedly burglarizing an Abington apartment Friday. One witness said she saw a naked man fleeing from the apartment just after it had been robbed.

Surveillance video also shows the suspect wearing dark colored shorts and a white sleeveless tank top, apparently before he decided to "dress down."

The same naked thief is wanted in a second burglary the same day, according to police. A homeowner told CBS 3 Philadelphia the suspect went through her 14-year-old daughter's undergarments. Women's clothing was reportedly stolen from the dresser drawers, and obscenities had been written on the mirrors.

Officials are also saying the suspect may have exposed himself to a female victim in the area prior to the ransacking.

Police are taking the naked crime spree seriously.

"It's highly unusual, he hasn't done anything to harm anyone, but the crimes themselves appear to be sexual in nature and out of the realms of our normal activity," said Detective Philip Geliebter.

Investigators have found a set of keys that belong to the suspect, but no arrest has been made.

Wherever he's hiding, he shouldn't be hard to recognize.

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