Caught on Tape: Homeless Good Samaritan Dies on NYC Sidewalk, Dozens Passed By

Homeless man is seen on the bottom right of this grab taken from surveillance video. (New York Post/WCBS)
NEW YORK (CBS/WCBS) A homeless man who was stabbed when he rushed to help a woman being attacked on a New York City street died on the sidewalk, as pedestrians strolled by, apparently unaware or unconcerned that he needed help.

A surveillance video obtained by The New York Post shows Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax lying face down for more than an hour on a Jamaica, Queens sidewalk.

Several people turned their heads, and a few gawked before moving on. In all, about two dozen people passed by.

One man stopped, shook the body and partially turned the victim over to reveal his wounds.

According to CBS affiliate WCBS, firefighters responding to a 911 call arrived 15 minutes later.

But by then, the man was dead.

It's not clear from the video just how many people realized that Tale-Yax was mortally wounded.

Police are looking for the female assault victim and the male suspect wanted in connection with the homeless man's death.

The female is described as 5'3", of thin build, and earing a 3/4 length jacket and a skirt.

Story Contributed by CBS affiliate WCBS