Caught on Tape: "Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer" But Can't Get Off the Floor

NEW YORK (CBS) "Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer" is the name of this tragically hilarious video, and that just about says it all.

An extremely intoxicated man entered a store on Oct. 6, 2009 at 10:47 a.m. looking to purchase a highly unnecessary case of beer, however first he must battle his greatest foe—gravity.

The man, dressed all in black with a ponytail, walks into the store, leaning very far backwards and walking unsteadily. He makes it to the refrigerators in the back, but struggles opening the door, falling onto the chip display before he finally gets it open.

Beer in hand, he starts to walk out of the aisle, but is thwarted by his own inebriation and falls, prostrating himself on his back on the store floor.

An epic three-minute battle ensues: an alcohol-soaked brain vs. gravitational forces. After trying to stand up again and again, a man in the next aisle notices our fallen protagonist, who gestures that he's alright sitting on the floor. Next thing, several men are standing around our intoxicated friend.

The surveillance video cuts to another camera, which shows the unbalanced man trying to walk past a large umbrella, which he manages to avoid, with the help of a man in a red shirt.

However, just as our pal tries to finally leave the store—without his beer—he ends up back on the floor. Reaching for the door and leaning very far back, the man stumbles backwards, grabs a bowl of something on the counter to steady himself, and then falls back into a display, spilling the contents of the bowl.

Another customer apparently hears the commotion and comes to see what has happened. But upon seeing that the drunk man is back on the shop floor, walks away.