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Caught On Tape: Clerk Gets Coffee In Face

WBZ has the story of an Abington, Mass. convenience store robbery caught on tape.

They hit him with a hammer repeatedly, but 7-Eleven store managers say it was the scalding hot coffee thrown in his face that made a store clerk fight off two thieves. They still got away with a cash drawer full of about $100.

Abington Police Chief David Majenski says the best hope of catching the suspects is surveillance video from inside the store on Brockton Street in Abington. "If you look through the video slowly, you can see where they communicate. You can see where they walk in together. They know exactly what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go," said Majenski.

There were four customers in the store after midnight on Sunday morning. One of the thieves shoved two of them out of the way as he lunged at the clerk. "This is really alarming to us...they didn't care whether those customers were there. They didn't care who got in their way," said the chief.

Store managers tell WBZ the clerk, a man in his 60s, is doing fine. They're surprised the customers didn't come to his defense. "If I were in that situation, I would just pick up the phone and call 911," said Andy Aned. "Because five guys jumping on one guy, you know, beating up an old man in his can not just stand there and do nothing."

Witnesses did help with a description. They say the men were about 5 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 10 inches, and one of them had dark hair with a receding hairline.

They took off in a black pick up truck and dumped the empty cash drawer a couple of blocks away.

WBZ has the story and video:

Local Video from WBZ in Boston