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Caught On Tape: Bison Attacks Tourists at Yellowstone

Victims Recall Bison Attack
(CBS)  A trip to Yellowstone National Park turned into a nightmare for a group of tourists.

Cathy Hayes, a teacher from Utah, was catching a bison on video, joking with her husband, Jeff, and his brother, Donald, about getting a shot of Donald being gored by the animal -- when Donald got too close - and it attacked.

The bison, clearly agitated, charged Donald and then Cathy, sending her into a panic. She ran for cover behind a tree, but the bison kept coming.

The car horn honking is clearly audible as Jeff tries to deter the bison. So is his yells of "Back," and screams - with the video rolling all the while.

"I could hear him over me stomping and snorting," Cathy said later, "and I just knew. I knew at that second that was it. You know, I thought, "This is going to be my last moment. It's going to be in Yellowstone Park getting tromped by a buffalo." "

On The Early Show" Friday, Cathy told co-anchor Chris Wragge the bison "flipped me end-over-end like a rag doll, in the air."

It turned out she didn't suffer life-threatening injuries, but was pretty badly banged up. Her knee was the size of a football and she has big brusies ans scrapes on her leg. Donald broke his shoulder when he tripped and fell.

And the incident may not have been the bison's fault.

A second look at Cathy's video shows the animal was apparently provoked. It seems the bison was hit it in the back with a stick -- a vivid reminder of the park's policy to keep your distance from wildlife.