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Caught On Tape: Bible Makeover

Caught On Tape is a collection of strange and offbeat happenings captured on video for all to see. Check back each day, Monday through Friday, for a new video adventure. Compiled by's Joey Arak.

Publishers looking for a way to get teenage girls interested in Christianity thought of a unique idea: Package the Bible as a glossy fashion magazine.

"Revolve" may look like "Cosmo" or "Seventeen," but it actually contains the entire text of the New Testament, and apparently it's a hit.

CBS affiliate KOLR's Melissa Moon has the story behind "Revolve."

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Video courtesy of KOLR

Do You Want Fries With That?

Mountain View, California, is one of the first places to get a "McCafe," a gourmet coffee shop owned and operated by McDonald's.

KPIX's Tony Russomanno gets an inside peak at the new business venture, and talks to consumers about how the feel getting their espresso fix from a place known for burgers.

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Video courtesy of KPIX

Football In Undies

It's not your average halftime show, but it's sure to be a hit on Super Bowl Sunday.

Preparations for the First Annual Lingerie Bowl are underway in Los Angeles, where the ladies of this Super Bowl halftime pay-per-view extravaganza got their first taste of the gridiron as they held their first practice.

It was a light practice day with no pads, but the Lingerie Bowl isn't all just fluff.

They have NFL Hall Of Fame greats Lawrence Taylor and Eric Dickerson on hand to coach these ladies into game shape. LT weighs in on the game in this video.

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Video courtesy of NNS/KABC

Bad Buy Boogie

Israeli customs seized a shipment of 450 dancing Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein dolls from a northern Israeli port in Haifa.

The Chinese-made figurines were confiscated by the customs authority under an Israeli law banning incitement. An Israeli-Arab businessman from the northern village of Qafr Qara admitted to importing the 400 copies of the al Qaeda leader and 50 of the deposed Iraqi ruler, as a "gimmick" for sale to Jews and Arabs.

The law does not exactly state that Israelis cannot own a bin Laden doll, but Israeli authorities decided that neither he nor Saddam Hussein are educational role models. They can sure get down and boogie, though.

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Video courtesy of EBU/IBA

Fatal Police Beating

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a police officer's dashboard camera caught a violent struggle between police and a 400–pound man. The encounter led to the arresting officers delivering multiple blows to the suspect's torso with their batons.

According to police officials, Nathaniel Jones still had a pulse after officers took him into custody, but died only minutes after he was taken to University Hospital. A medical examiner has been assigned the task of determining the cause of Jones' death, but results are not expected for the next few days. Along with nursing their own injuries, the officers have been put on administrative leave while the case is investigated.

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Video courtesy of NNS/WCPO

Stuck In Chimney

In Columbus, Ohio, a teenager who locked himself out of the house tried to shimmy down the chimney.

Caroline Lyders from CBS affiliate WBNS tells us it may have seemed like a good idea on the spur of the moment, but it did not work out like the boy had planned.

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Video courtesy of WBNS

Gruesome Discovery

More than 100 whales were found beached on the remote west coast of Australia's Tasmania Island.

Local media said a diver operating in the area reported the incident.

Wildlife and marine experts investigating the site said the whales had been dead for some time.

Rosemary Gales, a marine biologist, said the whales would have stood a better chance of survival if not for the remoteness of the location.

The beached whales are said to belong to the pilot species, and investigators have also discovered some dolphins who were stranded in the same area, raising the possibility of the involvement of a predator.

"It's a multiple species stranding, which is unusual, and it does mean that another, perhaps a predator was involved, perhaps killer whales. Obviously it's speculation at this point but perhaps the animals were driven to shore by another larger predator," Gales added.

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Video courtesy of RTV

Howard Dean In 2D

Meet Flat Howard. Howard Dean's life-sized cutout takes questions from L.A. Times reporter Matea Gold before the real Dean confronts the imposter.

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Bush Goes Timmmmmmmmber

British protesters took a page out of the U.S. military's playbook as they toppled a papier-mâché statue of President Bush in London's Trafalgar Square.

The protest of President Bush's visit was meant to mimic the destruction of a Saddam Hussein statue as coalition troops entered Baghdad.

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