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Caught on camera: Koala chases terrified Australian dairy farmer

Cute, cuddly and lovable is what many people think of when they think of koala bears, but an Australian woman recently had the opposite experience.

Ebony Churchill posted a video to her Facebook page over the weekend and it quickly went viral.

Koala bear clinging onto an Australian woman's four-wheeler Ebony Churchill

The video shows Churchill, a dairy farmer, trying to get away from a koala bear who is chasing her while she rides away on a four-wheeler. Churchill then jumps down from the four-wheeler only for the koala to cling onto it as if it were hugging a tree.

She can be heard in the video telling the koala to leave her alone. She writes in her Facebook post alongside the video, "The koala bloody chased me tonight!"

Churchill told her local newspaper, the Advertiser, she was herding cows when the little guy began chasing her.

"He was in love with me and I rejected him so he chased me," she told the Advertiser.

Her Facebook video of the incident has already been shared more than 35,000 times.

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