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Caucusing With The Iowans

You've heard from the pundits, the pollsters and the TV predictors. But how about the people?

CBS News anchor Katie Couric gathered Iowans from all over the state to find out what's really on their minds.

Among CBS News' questions, Couric asked: What do you think is the most important issue?

(Pat - registered republican) "Border control for the reason of national security," said Pat, a registered Republican.

"I think that the world is increasingly complex and dangerous," said Karen, a registered Democrat. "It seems to that the United States is hated or feared in much of the world, so I want a candidate that can change that."

"I would say that it's the war in Iraq and getting that resolved as quickly as possible," another Iowa resident said.

"Health insurance. I'm a small business owner and my premiums have gone up 20 percent a year," said Mark, a registered Republican.

David, a Democrat, said: "Fixing the social security mess and taking away tax credits for the rich."

"I'd probably have to go with immigration," said Debbie, a Republican. "Having so many illegal immigrants affect our education and the way our schools deal with it."

Couric asked the group: "Are you satisfied with the direction of the country?"

"At a macro level, I am satisfied with what we're doing. I think there are things of course that can always be changed," said 25-year-old Jordan, a registered Republican.

"I keep sitting here thinking politics as usual when not get us out of this horrible mess that we're in right now," said Sherman, a registered Democrat.

Mark, a registered Republican said: "This country does need change. We need a leader. We don't need a politician and I think that's the issue."

"I'm very unsatisfied and I'm very worried," said Mary, a registered Democrat. "I have grandchildren and the debt we're leaving them. I just think it's so unfair."

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"I'm extremely dissatisfied," said registered Democrat Bobby. "And I think the biggest change we need is in foreign policy."

Pat, who is a Republican, said: "Our country is divided whether we want to believe it or not. We're constantly bickering."

"How do you feel about your role in the process?" Couric asked.

Debbie, a Republican, said: "We educate ourselves about the role in the political process and I think, I myself am honored to be a part of this process."

And Republican David said: "I find it a little bizarre, frankly, that Iowans have so much power in this-in this matter because the state's population is not representative."

"It's nice not to get confused with Idaho and Ohio anymore," said Bill, a Republican.

"I want it to go on forever, I love it," Karen said.

But at least one of these voters will be glad when it's over.

Registered Democrat Mary said: "My phone rang non-stop last night, and I carry mail, and the political mail is just horrible, especially at this time."

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